Teaching in Civil & Environmental Engineering

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In the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, I teach a broad range of courses from introductory first-year engineering experiences to upper-level senior and graduate electives. Courses I have taught include:

  • ENGR 100 Exploring Engineering
  • CEEG 340 Environmental Engineering
  • CEEG 440 Physical and Chemical Processes
  • CEEG 442 Sustainability Principles for Engineers
  • CEEG 445 Environ. Engineering Chemistry
  • CEEG 490 Senior Design



Teaching in Environmental Studies

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As part of my role as a Faculty Affiliate in the Environmental Studies (ENST) Program, I teach courses that bring together ENST majors and students from a variety of majors in the College of Arts and Sciences. These courses include:

  • ENST 211 Environmental Pollution Control
  • ENST 221 Hazardous Wastes & Society

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Team Teaching

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to team teach with my colleagues, bringing together diverse perspectives in interdisciplinary courses that help students explore complex topics through different disciplinary lenses:

  • UNIV 200/MUSC 350 New Orleans in 12 Movements
  • ENGR 291 The Global Engineer*
  • MSUS 300/301 Managing for Sustainability*
  • MGMT 402 Operations Management*
  • BMEG 408 Medical Device Assessment and Development*
  • K-WIDE: KEEN Winter Interdisciplinary Design Experience*
  • ILTM: Institute for Leadership in Technology and Management*

*Guest Lectures