Water Supply and Sanitation

In 2010 a team of senior design students worked with Laura Roberts (Bucknell Mech. Eng., 2008) and residents of Tumaipa, Suriname to design and implement a rainwater harvesting system in this rainforest village of 300. The team was recognized by former President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative University conference.

screen capture by Bucknell University Communications Department

screen capture by Bucknell University Communications Department

Sustainable Development

A group of students from Bucknell's Students for Sustainable Development traveled to Lobitos, Peru, to work with WAVES for Development, who fosters social entrepreneurship, environmental health, and sustainable development in this growing coastal community. Students evaluated techniques for earthbag construction and assisted with installation of a biodigester for wastewater treatment.

Peru2 2014.jpg

Appropriate Technology

Stephanie Houser (BSCE 2015), Presidential Fellow, constructed a turbidimeter for measuring water quality, based on a design by Kelley et al. (2014, Sensors, 14(4):7142-7155). We hope to offer improvements on the design and program code, perform field testing in introductory courses, and ultimately work with partnering organizations to provide field prototypes for use in evaluating water quality in rural communities.