As an assistant professor at Bucknell University, I work to cultivate life-long learning in students through learner-centered teaching, research, outreach, and service.




My teaching is centered in environmental engineering and science but also includes courses taught across disciplinary boundaries. Because each student has different ways in which she or he learns best, I use a variety of instructional techniques informed by my experience as a practicing professional engineer.

My Teaching


I am interested in conducting research related to enabling human development and equitable standard of living for all on earth while preventing impacts on the natural environment in which our civilizations exist. My projects range from resource recovery to nitrogen transformations to measuring transportation impacts through applied GIS

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Outreach and Service

Service-learning and outreach opportunities bring students, faculty, staff, citizens, and other stakeholders together to meet real needs and challenges in communities, whether local or global. Read more about some of our past and current projects.

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